April 5 2012






Interview with Vocalist / Musician of 185668232 Iam S.Mick By M.F. Minieri



Q: Hello Iam! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions
about 185668232. Can you tell us what this numerology is?


A: No, really, THANK YOU! I wish more people would ask me these kinds of
questions instead of using their beautiful imaginations. Well, like I'll
explain a little later in this interview, I'll try to be straight forward,
as I'm normally just saying the same nonsense over and over again, using
poeticalogic and whatnot, but I'd like for some people to 'get it.' AH,
well, ::sigh:: I just confused my self over which way I'd like people to
take this ... Hm. K. Well, we all get the 'fuck-it's' and realize that
we'll be dead one day and in knowing that our social security numbers have
been recycled maybe once so far, I figured, I wanted to REALLY mess the
number up for someone, or for someone to magically one day REALIZE that
someone before them HAD this number, if I can't mess it up enough, that is
to be recycled again! I found this site that made MORE meaning of our
numbers: http://socialsecuritynumerology.com/info.php/185668232 It's like
my little way of being SUPER creative in NOT being creative - very
'punk-esque,' I suppose and I can nearly BET that you'll hear the
'fuck-it's' thrown ALL around the sounds. Rather than shitting on myself
on stage, or cutting my self on stage or vomiting on the crowd or getting
into fights, I took this position. Within ALL of my social networking
sites are disclaimers for WHAT I'm willing myself to accomplish in using
my SSN. Most people are concerned that someone's going to take my identity
and I say, "GO THE FUCK AHEAD! HAAAA! Maybe you could clear some debt or
some troubles I'd gotten into with the law that REALLY ought to be updated
based on the needs of even the minorities, such as the INTELLECTUALS
without money, whom don't have time and most often, technology enough to
find their way out of this phucked up capital hole of lower cases! Like
everyone, my struggle has been unique to me but cliche in the large
picture up until I stopped caring about vanity and began delving
DEEEEEEEEEP to the bowels of my fear and drugs and jail and such ... I do
my best to come back from all of this better than before and well, I feel
off topic now, but just know that I'm willing to EARN your trust, my
reader, with my hard work and discipline. Just read some of my profiles
for what I'm doing with my number, peas & fanks! What are you doing with
yours, eh?!


Q:  thank you for the Origins of the name. Now for the Roots, Particularly wanting to know where & how it
  all started?

A: The project name only really hit me in 2010 while I was going by
ANOTHER obscure project name super familiar to everyone being 'TBA.' I
even devised my own meaning to this synonym being 'The Bad Acronym' of
which I wouldn't tell promoters or booking agents. But I held onto the
idea, thinking HEAVILY about all the outcomes of using my 185668232,
including the derogatory repercussions and realized that I didn't want to
live a NORMAL life ... an idea I keep coming back to each time I have my
'shit' straight. So, like I said, I held onto the idea to actualize on my
24th birthday on Myspace. I end up going on the last tour as TBA and come
back and check Myspace and the whole site is COMPLETELY different and
realized that I didn't HAVE to wait for ANYONE or ANYTHING but my self to
make a choice but that I DID a good thing in not acting so super quick to
an idea as I had in my past. I like to tell people I've been doing this
project since I was issued my slave name on Friday, May 30, 1986. After
all, 185668232 isn't JUST music! There are MORE writing and images than
there are songs all through out my life. But music has been kind of forced
into me to be as an animal, but with drum sticks and lessons so strict
that even while I walk around today, I click with my teeth drum cadences
to the tempo of my steps, tap on EVERYTHING I walk passed and hear
patterns others do not recognize.



Q: When did you start to play/make music? What were
  your inspirations that have helped you?


A: I had been driving my family crazy tapping on things since I was about
8 years old. The elementary school I went to in the suburbs of
Philadelphia (Southampton, PA 18966) had forced all the kids to take
lessons on some sort of instrument. I'd wanted to play the cello but the
teacher told me I was a BOY and that BOYS DON'T PLAY CELLO. I was and am
STILL a push over so I accepted that response with defeat and so the
school told my parents to spend money on buying me drums sticks,
composition paper to write music notes in and a drum pad to practice on.
My parents eventually gave me drum lessons, which I think was the BEST
thing they could have done for my life out of everything and nothing. So,
I took lessons in school, out of school, joined all the school music
groups as a drummer on an awful sounding snare drum with kids who didn't
take lessons and were SO awful. They were the COOL kids too, I now
remember ... it's weird. They kinda respected me for my ability to drum
all throughout school and left me alone while still picking on my
'friends.' All through out school, mind you, I'd just sit and beat the
shit out of my drums listening to music through headphones and out loud,
bothering the neighbors and playing along to what my parents liked since I
didn't really have friends to influence me. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dweeby! I
didn't know there was a whole nerd scene growing up until I started doing
drugs. But back on topic - So later, after orchestra, jazz band, musical
ensemble, marching band, I began to want to drum for any type of band that
I could. I was ALWAYS the most talented person in the band behind the set
and it was really nice to work with people who just wanted to be in a
band. Eventually, I began thinking that I had things to say, things that
others could not say about things others could not hear or see or taste or
smell or feel. I picked up my guitar I'd had since I was 5 years old
(forgot to mention that) of which I'd never played and that I STILL use
and play exclusively or until this interview is read and it's CUTE cause
I'd already have had a Rickenbacker. But I just started picking up
instruments (I'd like to get into more detail about WHY I began picking up
more instruments but not here, not now, sorry). I'd been practicing my
singing technique in the shower and along to songs. I just recommend that
people with ACTUAL thoughts to push out, sing softer and quieter and push
harder to make it all whisper-y. It always sounds so much nicer than
bellowing and yelling. Now, I play electronic equipment because I don't
think I was ever really content playing those old time instruments. There
SO many more sounds in the polyverse than vibrating strings. I just REALLY
don't like strings anymore but I'm sure by the time I get back to reading
this interview, I'll enjoy strings again.



Q: I also heard you've made Albums of your inspiration, Is there a new project//idea in the


A: Well, as far as the title goes, I'll probably keep the 185668232 as
it's kind of (literally) my name unless I go somewhere unindustrialized (I
WISH)! But my newest ideas are to help others with THEIR projects. Being
kind of a SUPER producer. I have about 6 albums worth of music and I've
only been creating 'albums' since 2009. I have music that is TOO pure to
be on an album, like the stuff I FIRST STARTED recording ... gosh. I think
it's SO pretty and I try to make my music resemble how loose it is and
nearly shaky. The preconception of my music is not in building a HUGE
chopped/cut/trimmed sound brick but to have something that is very much
breathing, though it doesn't sound like it's a HEALTHY breathing all the
time, you can tell it's all relying on the other parts of the song to be
held together. I have the titles of 3 albums AFTER the one I'm working on
finishing up to print/press and barcode up for distribution. My next album
though, as it's already been started will be called pRODUCT pLACEMENT. It
will be 36+ tracks of TOTAL experimentation as I need to get to a new
plateau as quick as possible. It's like my music is on drugs right now.
I'm taking SOME minor ideas of those experiments and applying them to the
album I'm about to REALLY release but for the most part, I'm figuring out
NEW orders of song structures, realizing that there ARE no rules within
sound except for the one's you'd like in there. Rules, as I've learned can
be FUN! HA! Now I think that's stupid but I'll leave in that I ACTUALLY
typed 'RULES CAN BE FUN.' Ah. I'm a poop.



Q: While in Philly I've heard you've done gigs around
  venues-gatherings in the Philly-area. Can you tell me some of the places
  you've played? What do you think about the envirorment you played in? Any
  interesting encounters you've experience on your live sets?

A: Geeze, well, you've heard correctly. I think it was impossible to
ignore due to social networking and my having told you personally. HA! <3
But, uhm I'd prefer not to name the places I've played. I'm sorry. I can
tell you that I don't want to glamorize the idea of a stage and huge sound
system as being 'music.' I actually go to play those LARGER gigs just to
cram into everyone's minds that what I do, as duct tape and pop-sickle
stick productions has weight to it, maybe MORE weight than some mommy
daddy money equipment and reading books, telling made up imaginative
stories and saying their music is all about love to disguise their
shallowness in a mask of shallowness as a super psychological game I'm
QUITE impressed with ... but the diy venues, the spaces that are ALWAYS
being shut down for some legitimate reasons, the places that are
unsuspecting to having sounds, the places like bedrooms are where the REAL
music happen, so it only makes sense to bring those songs back into the
environments they were conceived in, in the spaces where our songs would
be listened to through speakers. I'd prefer to tell you that I once played
on a train with passengers on it. I made an event that I actually had to
reschedule due to something ... like it was REAL. People showed up.
Actually, my viola player that sometimes helps me out with arrangements
and encouragement, showed up on that train to watch me. At every stop it
seemed like people were getting on our car just to listen. I ALWAYS enjoy
playing in bathrooms, hallways, outside and it's getting easier using
electronic equipment because I can control the sound better and people are
more blown away by how when the speakers are turned down nearly ALL the
way, it's still kind of being felt in their chests, rattling. In my live
sets, always the mistakes are my FAVORITE. It tends to break me free from
my script and go off into the fabric of what CAUSED these songs to exist
in the first place - mistakes. OF all the songs I've tried to write, the
one's that succeeded were the one's I was just messing around with, the
one's I had MOST fun with. But let me see, when performing live, I've had
to play to police officers on the streets? One actually gave me money and
told me, 'you gotta get up and keep moving.' I actually turned that into a
song called 'UPPERS FOR DOWNERS' I still have hidden away from everyone
until I can get more instruments going in there. There was this one time a
black hole opened beneath me and I sat there waiting to slip in but
instead everything around me slipped in, leaving me sitting there. While
sitting, I extended my legs downward, as if there were a ledge I'd been
sitting on, except there were no ledges when I sat down. I realized there
was no up or down or sides. The background was ALL light, white light! I'd
thought and later wrote down that maybe our universe is mainly darkness
and that there are universes primarily made of light where darkness would
be in abundance. So like what we do is try to have light as much as
possible but in that other universe of light, creatures would create
devices that put forth darkness. Imagine a match tip glowing darkness and
wherever one would walk, it would become darker through the area of
passage. What a strange performance. I'm going to be subtle here and say I
think I've been abducted by aliens and they successfully did what they
were trying to do with me and now I receive their transmissions and
updates and even have lapses of consciousness where they give ME control.
It just so happened to occur during a performance. Now the details of that
show were pretty boring in comparison. Stage. Lights. Sound guy. Room of
people waiting for the songs to be over so they can go home and stop
thinking about my ideas.







Q: I also heard you've played performances outside of the Pa area, Can you tell me about some of your destinations?


A: I've lived in Charlottesville, VA where I played with a band from
Philadelphia that REALLY introduced me to the music scene IN Philadelphia.
I lived in Portland, OR where I only played one show and got into butt
loads of trouble driving too fast and had our SECOND car impounded. I've
played in MANY places on tours around the nation. Houses, warehouse spaces
set up for artists, boring stages where EVERYONE's uncomfortable and not
experiencing anything original, cafe's, record stores, college radio
stations, book shops, on street corners, on rooftops, in fields, in woods
... I'm going to be doing some STRANGE shows soon, if I can manage to
ignore all the bologna. I've been down to Texas, to California on a
Greyhound bus (STORIES!!!!!) with a tape player and lots of tapes to
record as much as possible plus a book. All of which I have saved in
whatever place I'm living with other writings since I was 9 but didn't
become so serious until 2004, when I dropped out of highschool. I played
in Louisiana, up the middle of the States, up along the top states into
the NE States. My more frequent tours have been down the East Coast
though. We're planning an INTERNATIONAL tour to avoid the Apocalypse so we
can pick through peoples houses they left behind to hide/die. But once
again, I suppose the survival of our species depends upon those with money
and those in the PERFECT location already, though I suppose that THOSE
with money will relocate or exterminate those in the BEST location so that
they can survive and use the indigenous inhabitants and their ways to
exist ... like always. I want to lead the people to get away from these
HABITS! You think the next generation is going to be better? Go travel,
wear what ever perception suit you'd like (I don't say YOU as in YOU but
as in the all encompassing you-all) and you'll all realize what needs to
be different and what parts of being alive are MOST important. Playing on
a stage is not important and neither is making music ... c'mon, keep it
real, yohyoh ... back and forth, trying to decide what is right and wrong.
Being brain washed and trained into believing that we're helping more than
we're hurting. Music just so happens to be the brain wash done to me that
affects people most innocently and even with the type of music I make
being kinda harsh on the mind, like a exercise, I still realize and I
guess it shows in all that I do, that I know that the greatest place to
play is just behind my pupil skin, where the vibrations are tingling as I
play with customers and dirt.





Q: Would you recommend any tips to future Artists//bands touring, What are some necessities you
have found prudent during your Touring hours???


A: You're going to think I'm just trying to be 'fun,' but seriously,
touring projects need to be able to be locked in a capsule together ... a
car, bus, truck, plane, boat, spaceship, teleportation machine. Sometimes
people just get excited to have made a SONG and forget to put their soul
into it to make it THEIRS and not just some acceptable text book of a song
and in the same writ, people forget that they need to work with people you
get along with. Fuck working with people for social concerns or working
with people out of sexual lust or even because they're incredible at
instruments! The music ACTUALLY sounds better sloppier. When touring with
your slop, it's best to have some songs that others recognize, like
promote a few songs REAL heavy so that people can feel super comfortable
because the majority of people think being comfortable is positive. Also,
when touring, the performance is only about 45 minutes TOPS. There is the
drive to the place which takes most time so plan some places to see
between each venue/space. Look at some places and get some people to show
you around the area. Normally the venue people are going to be stressed to
get the show together so it's best to have others who might even want to
come to the show that evening, if it's in the evening. Bring merch but
only give it away to other musicians and venue people for free not unless
you think you can give a free whatever to EVERYONE or else you'll make
some people upset. It takes a fun amount of time getting everything
together. Whenever my friends are getting wasted and or sitting around
watching television, I'm normally either sleeping or making merch for
whatever. Sometimes it can get in the way of having a significant other.
Also, be sure to realize you'll be out of the climate and temperature
you're from so bring clothing you can layer up. You don't want to bring
too much of ANYTHING on tour. One more thing, out of an infinite of advice
is to maybe not bring your NICEST equipment cause it IS going to be moved
a WHOLE lot. Sometimes people suck REALLY bad and you don't want your
things getting messed up or worse. But if you're going to be touring
FOREVER, you'd probably want to get like a house on wheels. The more you
tour, the more people will notice you. People remember first person
encounters better than on the internet. Challenge your self - try to be
more popular EVERYWHERE other than where you live.




Q: What was your favorite performance?

A: There's entire performances and performances and then there's moments
within performances. I feel like my WORST shows at the time of
performance, when in memory they become the BEST. Sometimes it's cool to
pretend you mess up. Sometimes it's cool to play as if a mistake were made
with purpose. Most people can't tell when a mistake is made while others
LOVE the mistakes and think it's absolutely wonderful, like my self and
several others that love thinking. The important thing to consider when
performing is to play to the feelings you have. If you think you should be
different from the other bands playing, do it. If you think you notice a
theme going on, stick with that. Be sure that you're on the same 'team' as
the other artists but realize that each performer is trying to be better
than the last, kind of like an album, where the succeeding song should
hook the person in again and again. The first performer is ALWAYS the one
with the toughest job. They must be SO very confident to open up the
emotions of everyone for the evening. Don't feel TOO bad after your show
but also don't be a jerk and think you're the best. All of this takes
learning and experience and it will apply to how you are in normal life
situations. I tend to treat every performance the same as every other one,
crowd, no crowd, electricity, no electricity, backing band, no backing
band. I never have ANY idea who's going to be affected by my music and
maybe if I'm not putting my ALL into it, eh! Well, my favorite tour was on
an experimental music tour. Everyone's equipment was COMPLETELY different
from the last and next. All the sounds were completely different. It
really influenced me and now I'm thinking about how I need something more
but still & less. I have TOO much to say about performance! I hate
performances for groups. I like playing for a few friends in a room while
they're doing something and not fully concentrating on me. THOSE are the
BEST and most REAL performances. Try to record EACH time you perform.




Q: Where is your Band resided at the Current? Any places you hope to Venture possible Touring??

A: I don't really have a band right now. It's SO tough for me to realize.
I've been looking for some people but I know in looking for people I will
not enjoy myself while when others find me, I know something different.
  Right now, I'm working with my electronic equipment to try to cover as
many layers as possible but I think I'll need a bassist to tour with me.
Ideally, I'd LOVE to have a HUGE band of many many instruments PLUS my
electronics and singing but I feel like I need to straighten some things
out first but if it happens before I'm ready, I suppose I'll just let the
show go on. I'd LOVE to tour through Canada then to Australia to Japan to
China to India to Russia and then through Europe. I think I'm ready for
this but then when I admit being ready, I think that I'd want to have some
other excuse. ::sigh::



Q: What are some of your favorite things to do when your not producing music???

A: I ask my self this OFTEN when I'm frustrated with music. I mean, I
don't really LIKE to write, I just do it or else I feel like I'm failing
and my mind starts to collapse and I begin realizing why other people
don't do anything but want to make money and have sex and watch tv and
sleep and eat and have friends and travel. I do my best NOT to get tired
of music/sound. When I go, I become a grumpy lump to be subtle. I begin
thinking about my spiritualism and how to influence the closest person to
me. I enjoy hacky sack. Drugs are dangerous just because of having to be
around people. Sleeping actually IS part of my spirituality. I did that on
purpose. I enjoy reading though I feel shitty for reading other peoples
thoughts. Reading difficult things is my favorite. It normally inspires me
to make music again. I mainly only write lyrics in the form of self help
philosophy with poeticalogic. I've made people background for my
entertainment any more just because they all have their own things they
want to do. I get too attached too quick and turn them into my hobby and
it's not fair to do that because people need to enjoy things TOGETHER not
EACH OTHER as the sole of everything. Once one gets over human width drawl
(mine lasts about 3 days) the individual will begin to realize what is
important to them, kind of like when touring/traveling. It's not that I
don't like people, I just don't like feeling bad for not doing what they
want to do. Most of my troubles in life have been due to wanting to
impress someone. Now I feel like I'm venting! Gah! I like researching
stuff, but it always tends to go back to sound. I like science. Maybe just
learning over all. Philosophy is something that I can't shake. I enjoy my
kitten, Nietzsche with her scabs from her cat fight. Uhm. Movies bore me.
I always think I can do better than they can and without any fancy
technology (I studied photography and film) on my own and through
teachers. I don't even like listening to music unless it's someone I know
but most of my friends are ashamed of their music. That's why I'd like to
work with others! To fill up their sounds or to inspire them to think
about their sounds in a different way. I don't really like eating. I just
do it to exist. I don't like spending money. I don't like making money. I
don't like owning clothing. I enjoy fixing stuff up. I enjoy creating
ideas. Hm. I like this interview!!!! But ............. it's kinda about




Q: I've heard your song Fuckthefuckup & fOR lOCO [3.25.12(missa-sadie-iam)], as well as vOID Can you tell me the Song vOID?

A: 185668232's song 'vOID' uses a sample from the Back To The Future theme
song as that intro part. I still want to add a few words into the song.
Maybe I should explain why the song kind of falls apart? Sometimes, the
songs I make feel too 'right' and 'perfect' or 'tight' and I'd prefer that
they seem more 'post-apocalypic.' Post-apocalyptic music/culture is that
which is sloppy and being held together with ONLY 'quirk.' It gives the
listener something MORE to listen to each and every single time so it
isn't boring and can also make the quietest songs with the softest of
intentions make the listener feel anxious, kinda like what 'metal' or
'punk rock' once did for audiences - so they can like, clean their house
to sad little sounds rather than falling asleep to them. It confuses anger
with sadness ... soon to be an 'obvious' standard for psychology in
anything. ::sigh:: I didn't even get into what the MUSIC portion is about.
Sometimes I write the music to have a separate feeling from the words. I
think I explained enough though I should admit my 'trippiness' for willing
my idego to be as shallow as nothingness, to be the god of Void, to
prevent my own fear of maybe nothing existing beyond, working as a
contradiction. Really, who'd be afraid of nothingness if I were it's,
whatever. Okay! Uhm, I use sample drums (not to be confused with simple
pre-programmed 'beats/synth') and my drum set with lots of other samples
of popculture and subculture and my own inside jokes.

I'm trying not to be of mockery. I hope this isn't boring!



Q: 23rd cENTURY aMERICAN eNTERTAINMENT (test3)....this one is
Interesting.. Is there a way I can Get the Lyrics? :)

A: The lyrics to 23rd CAE are not yet done as I'd like the whole thing to
r-evolve about the cliche's of 'money' while they're heavily twisted with
my secret formula of content that is sure to touch EVERYONE's 3rd eye lens
cover. Maybe the idea of this song would be worth more than the lyrics,
though I'll offer the words of what's been recorded on that experimental
site you found these songs on. So, '23rd CAE' stands for '23rd CENTURY
AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT.' It's supposed to go on the album, '21st CENTURY
AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT,' but I'm trying to make it TOO perfect so it might
not make it's way on the album. Uhm, so 23rd CENTURY AMERICAN
ENTERTAINMENT 'IS' money, how money will be a form of entertainment, what
the more 'elite' are doing now with the middle term of 'economy.' There
will be no 'economy.' It will be a word used, but it will be what business
is building up to. Something that the government hasn't even predicted
yet, something like the 'founding fathers' having not predicted
corporations and capitalism. Well, maybe I should explain then, as shabby
as I'm able, the idea of 21st CENTURY AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT ... it's all
about struggle, mayhem, chaos, post-apocalypse, psychology, special
effects, embellishment and 'keeping it real.' So then, what most people
won't know is that I have a 'zine' (for purpose of not having it published
within my lifetime due to having so many more obligations and priorities,
it will stay a 'zine' and will probably make it 'worth' something,
something FAR beyond 'value,' absolutely...) titled '22nd CAE.' Guess what
the 'CAE' stands for! Heh! Writer-reader interaction... So, 22nd CAE was
written in VERY harsh conditions of isolation and forced thoughts came out
and rather than breaking down and destroying my self, I wrote - in 3
mental hospitals and while in jail for a few months. You tend to come to
some realizations about the past, present and future. All of my ideas on
incarceration are within the writing, so I won't get into that now, as
well as a thesis for EACH one of the songs within the album, in critical
view & dissection of it's word play! 22nd CAE 'is' total insanity, I mean,
it MUST be if 23rd CAE is going to be monetary entertainment, where maybe
the title of our country will be retitled, where all previous governments
could not attain what our government is shamefully becoming. Be aware that
there must NOT be any derogatory terminology or 'slight of tongue' to the
idea of 'sanity' or it's 'in' verse. Everyone will be feeling the same
ways. Kind of like how we must be empowering our selves with that which
people degrade us by. I'm glad you asked these questions because I don't
like talking about them. I don't want others to see how I take my self
seriously sometimes because that, like that which is misunderstood,
becomes a softspot for 'attack' and I mean the use of the word 'attack' in
a few different ways. Open endo.



Q: What do you hope to see blossom in this year to come???

A: I'd like to get an album all professionally put together just to show
that I've done it and it better be this year cause I've been working on
this album for WAY too long now and I want to move forward and promote my
other songs. I hope to be able to just get material items, pretty much so
I don't have to keep relying on others or feeling bad. I'd like to do that
tour I mentioned and to find my DREAM space. I wish I knew what to publish
as far as my books are concerned. I kinda just want my writing to be an
encyclopedia of documented growth and change/study. I wish to heal as a
human with emotions. I feel like I'm crammed all of that down to just keep
going and then people notice I'm crammed down and cram me down even
further. I need to get away from all these people who take their sides and
play their dick cheese games. I know it'd be EVERYWHERE, but I'm tired of
knowing what's going on with everyone. I mentioned that I deactivated my
major social networking site so ignore people but it's REALLY hindering my
ability to promote 185668232. I want to create a circuit of people who
promote each other. Maybe it'd be nice to fade into obscurity. I mean, I
know how to get famous - I just need to finish ONE fucking thing. ONE
album! That's all, then I can do what I want and it'll run itself,
practically. If I could build a website, that would be a TOTAL blossom for
this year. WHOO!



Q: Yes social networking tends to be a double-edged sword, at times its great i can contact friends/musicians and bands without having to Travel 1,000 of Miles. I also want to thank you for bringing up the topic that it isn't just about Music to you. Its very rare in this world to hear an artist Live, Breath and Sleep Music, but also to take a great amount of consideration to think beyond the Boundaries of Music, beyond the set examples of  what is Acceptable to the ears and minds of others. I really enjoyed interviewing you today Iam, I feel there is much more to look forward to with your coming Album, I would like a copy of it when you start to make Mailers available.  It was a pleasure interviewing with you, 185668232 .

A: PHEW! I feel like I got a LOT off my chest. I'd been wanting to tell
someone these things. I refrained from some ideas and probably could have
cut back on some other ideas, but all in all, I think it's VERY healthy
for people to be interviewed; it keeps them from having to drag out their
ideas into half way ness mess and puts it all out in front of them. I'd
like to help work on your music with you. I have some REALLY strange style
to making interviews, maybe I'll test it on you.





185668232  - Iam S.Mick


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