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Who Is The Blood Wisdom? Interview with Lead Singer Guitarist Ed Palmer By: M.F.Minieri

Q: Good Evening! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about The Blood Wisdom. Particularly wanting to know where & how it all started?

A: The vision has been coming through since birth. My burning need to channel and clarify these thoughts, stems from a very mysterious place. It is not a concept that I can justify with words alone, for the origin of The Blood Wisdom is a very complex one. It is a musical serpent. Sonic DNA. It goes on limitless in possibility. Every time that I perform or venture into songwriting, a battle stirs within me, fighting for the psychic technology necessary for reaching out further pass the evolutionary boundaries. It may all sound abstract but the music does the best job of explaining the whole story in a more universal manner, as music has always done. I have been actively creating and performing under various names (Edward Palmer, Death Pose, The Black Market Sound, T.D.M. And The Ghost On Sound, etc.) since a very young age, but let me make it clear that it has always been the same vision making itself clearer in phases. The periodic name changes only symbolize the revealing of different aspects of a larger picture. The current aspect to reveal itself is The Blood Wisdom, but as with every enigma, it will continue to be a process of discovery. As I receive the signal, I share with others that which inspires me to evolve.

Q: When did you start to play/make music? What were your inspirations that have helped you?

A: I was always surrounded by music as a child. My parents went to see Steppenwolf, and a few other bands in concert, while I was still a sprouting seed. I'm sure that those big shapely vibrations affected the growth process in some way. Once I was born into the world, I can recall as an infant, being fascinated by the interesting sounds that were blasting from my fathers custom built stereo system. Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa And The Mothers. The Doors. Also a lot of country/western music to. These artists, along with a variety of others, from all different styles, instantly made an emotional impression on me. It was the same strange excitement that came with all extreme experience while growing up. As I grew, my parents bought or found many instruments for my eager mind to try out. A tom drum, tambourines, a keyboard. I had a Telecaster guitar given to me by my uncle at 3. I didn't bother to learn how to "properly" play it until much later though. I was never really interested in being instructed on how to use an instrument. My understanding of music has always appeared more natural. Pick up the apparatus and define yourself through this tool. What comes out, no matter what it sounds like in relation to other sound, is your own musical identity. The more alien the music, the more true it is. Same goes for my poetry and lyrics. It really is all automatic in a sense. Just nature running its course.

Q: We've seen you play gigs with your band in New Jersey and Philly, what do you think about the music scene there? What was one of your favorite performance?

A: In my opinion, as a New Jersey native, I find that they offer very little to musicians and artists outside of the conventional styles. I would like to see this change in the near future. Perhaps more live venues and galleries could open and offer lesser known artists, a platform to express themselves. When I acquire financial wealth, I would like to help the effort along. Philadelphia on the other hand, has always had some form of subterranean art bubbling into the streets. There does not seem to be any "scene" there, so it appears low key, but I honestly felt the individual spirit, in all its beautiful rage, while I kicked around that area. I don't necessarily have one performance in particular as a favorite, because each is unique and important in its own way, but I must say that I did enjoy playing with many talented people from around the city, over the last few years.

Q: I have a few of your first released Albums, one in particular Darkness Stays. I hear your new Album is coming out. How would you describe it?

A: The new album is titled Glossolalia. A term defined as speaking in tounge's. The word itself does a great justice at summing up the overall idea of the album. It will be the first released under the name of The Blood Wisdom. Like I implied before, I am perpetuating an evolving vision, and this vision has been mutating and growing rapidly from where I left off on the previous album ...And I Lose Our Mind For This. So many years have passed and so many things have happened, and so many years will continue to pass and happen. This album is my interpretation of the moment in between these two concepts of time. The mood reflects the burning flag of our age, but while digging into the complete unknown of everything inside of us. Very raw in its supreme presence. I am very pleased with the results. It is the closest that I have ever gotten to delivering what I see and hear and feel at the original source.

Q:I've heard Songs like "Rose Red " & "Song Three"...than I've heard some of your later songs like "(r)Evolution Flower" & " Q:
www.III.comE". I'm curious to know the story behide www.III.comE?

A: www.III.comE conjures up the turbulent energy of our "modern" society and exorcises it. It goes on to describe what follows after the exorcism, when "modern" society ceases to exist, and the technological landscape collapses. It is a song focused on real change. It feels brave. It was the last song written and recorded for Glossolalia, but I placed it towards the beginning of the album, based on its necessity to be heard. It contains the most key lyrics in comprehending the whole of the album.

Q: Your music seems to have a bit of a magic quality to it, much like your performances, were there any interesting encounters you've experience on your live shows?

A: Art is something deeper than the body itself. The music is my true will exemplified. Out of the depths, comes a sound, and I cradle it with my mind to find its translation. It becomes the creation of chaos followed by order. To get out what I see internally, takes great discipline. I think that every artist must strive to reach new frontiers of expression in order to better understand the world within and without, even if that understanding comes with great sacrifice..which it does. Everything I do in life originates with this philosophy. The same goes for the live performances. About 2 years ago, at one of the last shows that I played as T.D.M. And The Ghost On Sound, I felt a severe alteration in consciousness. Almost completely out of body. The audience was scattered with all of these faces that had played dominate roles in my past and my possible futures, and the spirit of those people, along with the music, walked me through the labryinth of my individual recording. It was extreme hysteria resembling a shamanic fit, ending in a personal healing. It was beautiful. Every performance is a ceremony. Complete with the rituals of a ceremony. Magick is the inevitable product.

Q: I've seen some of your music videos. "Blood Orange" stands out to me in particular, perhaps a Shocker, eye-opener.. how would you interpret this form of art-music-video? Were there any interesting events surrounding filming it? Any difficulties?

A: It was one of my early attempts at film making. I was curious to discover what I could do with cheap video gear, my friends, and a young vision. Cinematography has always fascinated me. It is such a pure form of cutting up reality under the multidimensional focus. With Blood Orange I attempted to display the cutting between life and death. I wanted to meditate on what separates the two and why the crack in between causes such panic. In the shooting, I had to convince all of my friends to appear nude in the film. Nude and bloody. This proved to be very easy considering my friends really trusted my ideas. The real problem came when I had to film each friend for their life scenes. I had informed them that all I wanted them to do for the scene, was stand against a white wall and be themselves for 1 minute. They could do whatever they wanted. In these 60 second sessions, I saw the power of stealing images from reality and what happens when you point your camera as a weapon towards life. It affected me profoundly to witness people squirm, almost to the point of suffering claustrophobic fits, then lose themselves in a matter of seconds under the lens of my eye. So much so that I chose to participate in the video just to undergo the same transformation. It was like seeing an alternate reality open up right in front of you. There is such a great power in the medium. I look forward to exploring it more in the near future.

Q: What Venues in Philly and New Jersey do you like?

A: Johnny Brenda's in Philly, is fantastic. It's this intimate venue with the biggest sound I have ever experienced. Another venue/bar in the Fish Town area, called Kung Fu Necktie, is a great night out as well.

Q: What do you hope to see/accomplish this year?

A: It is my focus to make this year, one of higher evolution and larger revolution. The Blood Wisdom will perform and gather our tribe on select dates along the east coast. The amazing visual artist, Ame Ladik, has recently joined the lineup, so her talents will also be on display this tour. I would really like to eventually see this grow and expand from a solo performance into a collective multimedia unit. I envision music, celebration, spontaneous creation, dancing, even role reversal..the idea of the audience becoming a part of the show rather than simply participating as eyes in the dark. Also, once the funds are available, the new album Glossolalia, as well as the compilation album Child Fire: Recordings Born From T.D.M. And The Ghost On Sound, will be released to the public. It is my goal to share The Blood Wisdom with as many people as possible...just open up a billion doors and see what happens.

Q: Thank you for taking the time to answers these questions today Ed.

A: It was a pleasure. Thank you.



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